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Seven Brothers

 Seven Brothers, Finnish National Operahouse,  Photo © Sakari Viika, Choreography – Marjo Kuusela, Music – Ero Ojanen, Conductor – Dalia Stasevska, Sets – Kati Lukka, Costumes – Anne Jamsaa Lighting design – Olli-Pekka Koivunen, Dramaturgy – Eino Tuominen, Dancers: Juhani – Nicholas Ziegler, Tuomas – Evaldas Bielinis, Aapo – Eemu Aikio, Simeoni – Aapo Siikala, Lauri – Teemu Tainio/Johan Pakkanen, Timo – Michal Krcmar, Eero – Ilja Bolotov



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